Driving While Sleepy Is as Dangerous as Driving Under the Influence


Most people know better than to consume certain substances and then get behind the wheel. If you’re impaired, you shouldn’t operate any heavy machinery. Despite this, every day, thousands of sleep-deprived drivers get on the road and create dangerous conditions for everyone during their morning commute.

If you wouldn’t drive under the influence, then you shouldn’t drive while sleepy. Here are our tips to help you get to work safely in the morning and avoid drowsy driving.

Get to Bed Sooner

Our first tip is straightforward enough that you may have already been thinking about it. If you’re constantly fighting to stay awake during your morning commute, you need to get to bed earlier. It’s easy to fall for the trap of staying up later in the evening to give yourself more free time. However, you need to find this extra downtime in other places.

If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re endangering your health in numerous ways. You’ll be at higher risk for heart disease and other illnesses. You won’t feel alert and capable the next day. And, as we’ve mentioned, you’ll be in danger if you try to drive while you’re in the middle of nodding off. Go to bed earlier for your health!

Wake Up Earlier

Conversely, this tip might seem counterintuitive. Why would waking up earlier make you less drowsy behind the wheel? Studies have shown that people who wake up and exercise or engage in other stimulating activities are more alert and aware of their surroundings in the mornings.

So, set your alarm an hour earlier, get up, and go for a brisk walk. This will get your blood pumping and wake you up for the day ahead. It’s also great for your heart, so this is a win-win proposition for anyone!

Call for a Ride

If you go to a party with some friends and you have too much to drink, you’ll call a cab or order an Uber. Why wouldn’t you do the same thing if you’re too tired to drive? If you wake up for work and find yourself too sleepy to safely get behind the wheel, it’s time to get an Uber and get to work the safe way.

This might seem like a lot of effort just to avoid driving with heavy eyelids. However, avoiding a catastrophic car accident is worth taking a few precautions. Besides, it’s kind of nice getting a ride to work and not getting stressed over early morning traffic!