Tricks for Avoiding Traffic That Could Save You a Lot of Time

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No one likes sitting in traffic. At best, being stuck in traffic is a minor inconvenience. At worst, traffic is a major impediment to your ability to get where you need to be. However, there are some simple tricks you could try to apply to your driving to get around the worst traffic congestion and speed up your daily commute.

Let’s take a look at a few sneaky tips you might be able to use to dodge traffic.

Scout the Route

On a day when you have some downtime and a bit of extra gas in your tank, drive out to the roadways in your area that have the densest traffic during rush hour. Try to find the back ways, the hidden side roads, and the little tricks that can get you out of traffic sooner.

Maybe there’s a road that cuts back through a quiet neighborhood near the main road that often gets congested. Perhaps you’ll find a convenient cross street that allows you to make a right turn into traffic instead of waiting for a light to turn green so you can go straight.

If you’re not seeing any backways or hidden paths, you could go with the next tip, instead.

Consider Going the Long Way

Depending on the geography of your area, you might be better off just avoiding the most congested regions. It’s entirely possible that you’re simply spending more time sitting still in gridlock traffic than you would by going the long way around. And, before you think that this will cost you more in fuel, consider how much time you’re spending idling in your car going through such heavy traffic.

Getting your car off the road sooner is more important than taking a more direct route. If the direct route is still faster, however, don’t prioritize movement over traffic. Going the long way is only effective if it actually gets you to your destination more quickly.

Just Leave Early

This might sound a bit like throwing in the towel, but it’s a valid strategy. Depending on your area’s traffic flow, your best bet could be to just leave your house a bit earlier to try to avoid the worst of the traffic. It’s better to spend a few minutes relaxing in the break room at work than stressing behind the wheel on the highway, right?

And, if you really can’t stand the break room, you could just relax in your car in the parking lot for a bit before you head in. If you’re extremely early, you could even just take a nap before your shift starts!