Tips For Saving Money on Gas: Simple Steps You Can Take


Gas prices are rising, and drivers are looking for ways to keep their costs down at the pump. No one wants to pay more when they gas up! Whether you drive a hybrid or an SUV, you probably prefer to make fewer stops at the pump. Here are a few ways you can avoid spending too much money when you fill up your tank!

Check Your Tires

The amount of air pressure in your tires affects your gas mileage. If your PSI is wrong, you’ll get fewer miles to the gallon! This discrepancy is due to the physics of how cars translate gas into power. Once the engine burns gas and transfers kinetic energy to the tires, your tire pressure affects how much energy is needed to move the vehicle.

If your tires are under-or over-inflated, you’ll need to burn more gas to get your car moving. Check your tire pressure once each month to ensure you’re still running at peak efficiency on the road!

Windows and AC

Driving with your windows down creates drag on your car. Air enters your vehicle through the window and presses against the back windshield, slowing your vehicle and forcing your engine to work harder to maintain a consistent speed. Roll your windows up to reduce drag and increase your efficiency!

Running your air conditioning can also burn through gas more quickly than you’d expect. Use your AC sparingly to cool the cab and dehumidify the air. The less you use your AC, the less money you’ll spend when you hit the pump.

Travel Light

Don’t travel around with a lot of cargo in the back of your car. If you’re lugging around extra weight, you’re paying for it. Every pound of mass your ride needs to carry digs into your gas tank. Unload anything rattling around in your trunk to get a little further on a full tank!

Consistent Speed

Try to maintain a consistent speed and avoid braking when you can. If you’re constantly starting and stopping, you’re burning more fuel than someone moving at a consistent velocity. Rather than racing to each stoplight, slamming on your brakes, and then racing to the next, let off the gas. Roll smoothly and keep your foot off the brake.

You’ll be amazed at how much range you can get out of your car by following these simple tips. Breeze past the gas pump and keep some extra money in your pocket!