Tips for Teaching Your Teen To Drive


Teaching your teenager to drive might feel strange. After all, you still think of your teen as a child. Today, we’re going over some helpful tips that will make it easier to teach your child how to drive once they have their learner’s permit.

Learning to drive a car is their first step into the real world, so teach them well!

Take It Easy

Start things off in a simple, low-stress manner. Take your new driver out to a parking lot or similar closed environment. Have them practice basic driving techniques like accelerating, braking, turning, and changing gears. This method teaches your teen the ropes while also getting you accustomed to their driving habits.

Stay calm while you’re teaching a youngster to drive. Have faith in their abilities, and don’t panic when they do something wrong. If you’re tense while trying to teach your teen to drive, then you’re not going to be an effective instructor. Take it easy and focus on imparting knowledge.

Practice in Varied Environments

Once your kid has a better understanding of the basics, you can graduate from the parking lot to backroads. Over time, as they get more comfortable operating the vehicle, you can introduce them to hilly terrain, multi-lane roads, and eventually even highway driving.

Make sure you only introduce them to the more advanced environments when they’re ready for the next step. It’s easy to make a simple mistake in a new setting, so take things slow and don’t rush into settings your child isn’t comfortable with yet.

New Driver Sign

Get a sign for your car to tell other drivers that a teenager is learning to drive. This sign lets other drivers know to keep their distance from your vehicle and look for unusual driving patterns. Make sure to put this sign up any time your youngster is behind the wheel!

Become a Role Model

When you’re driving, you should always follow the rules of the road. Become a role model for your child when you’re behind the wheel. If you’re teaching them to do one thing but doing another when you drive, your teen isn’t going to take your advice seriously.

Teaching another diver is a great chance to unlearn pesky driving habits, too. You might not realize how many minor errors you make on the road until you take the time to teach someone else!